Lessinia - Destination Verona
Lessinia, with its unspoilt views waiting to be discovered, will surprise you with its landscapes surrounded by greenery.

The Lessinia Nature Park is located on the upper plateau of the Lessini Mountains up to the slopes of the Piccole Dolomiti (Little Dolomites), and contains unique scenery.

Sinkholes, caves and natural bridges dug into the rock will give you an extraordinary experience. The fossil sites of Bolca-Pesciaia and Monte Postale are famous, as well as the fossil sites scattered along the entire plateau, making the park a real paradise for lovers of paleontology and archaeology.

If you want to admire an authentic rock city, taking a walk in the Valley of the Sphinxes is a must. Here, nature has shaped huge boulders reminiscent of anthropomorphic profiles and expressions. It is a very common erosive phenomenon in all the Venetian Prealps.

Continuing in this area, it is possible to see splendid panoramas including Lake Garda, the Monte Baldo group, the Adamello glaciers, the Trentino mountains, the peaks of the Little Dolomites and the Venetian Plain.


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