Pianura dei Dogi - Destination Verona

Pianura dei Dogi

Surrender to calm and tranquility, rest your eyes on horizons made of large cultivated fields, geometric spaces like tiles of a colourful mosaic in which the traveller is invited to be the protagonist.

This is the Pianura dei Dogi: the green of its crops crossed by the Adige river and the blue of the many little watercourses, the deep black of its mineral soil, the white of the herons lying at the edge of its paddy fields, come together and take your breath away for their purity and the genuine welcome with which you are greeted.

Strongly characterised by hospitality, where simple but strong ancient flavours are an essential part of the journey through the Pianura dei Dogi.

Making people feel at home is a privilege enjoyed by few regions.

The rural courtyards, with their barns and large colonnades are so that they inspect you from afar, show you all their authentic beauty, and then invite the visitor to stop under their porticoes.

The exploration continues towards the Romanesque churches, castles and fortifications, first Scaliger, then Venetian and then Austrian, witnesses of the strategic importance that this land has always possessed.

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