Soave - Est Veronese - Destination Verona

Soave – Est Veronese

A generous and fascinating territory that embraces visitors, leading them through hills painted with vineyards, villages and valleys that tell of other times, when the changing seasons perfumed the wait.

Soave is the name of the enchanting medieval village, which, according to legend, owes its name to the poet Dante Alighieri who was intoxicated by the beauty of the place, the wine and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Its imposing castle is one of the few villages in Italy that preserves its ancient medieval walls in excellent condition, climbing like embroidery on the surrounding green slopes to the plain below.

Lands of the East, preserved magic waiting to be discovered through a journey among the ever changing suggestions of its four wonderful valleys: Val di Mezzane, Val d'Illasi, Val Tramigna and Val d'Alpone.

Villas, churches, ancient manors, but also carefully preserved nature, amaze visitors, charm them, and then finally conquer them with the authenticity of its food and wine production.

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