Verona - Destination Verona
With over two thousand years of history, Verona is one of the most fascinating and ancient Italian cities.

Always succeeding in thrilling visitors, Verona envelops you in the evocative atmosphere of its very large and well-preserved historic centre where typical restaurants, cafés and artisan workshops enliven city life all year round.

A walk through Verona is a continuous discovery of enchanting corners, characteristic alleys, as well as palaces, squares and churches from every era.

Several historical periods seem to have harmoniously shaped together: from the magnificent traces of the Roman Empire, first and foremost the Arena - the third largest lyrical amphitheatre in the world, located in the very central Piazza Brà, to the medieval remains of Castelvecchio, to the elegant Venetian palaces and the subsequent Austrian magnificence.

Verona remains engraved in the eyes and heart: Juliet's Balcony, the emblem of the most poignant love story of all time, could only have Verona as a setting.

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